It’s spring here at Move The Crowd! This is the time of year when we pause to take stock of our progress and examine what we need to feel more grounded, focused and clear.

Our 10 Day Meditation Challenge, is dedicated to the first promise of our New Year’s Message, All Is Well and will be taking place from March 26th - April 5th. This challenge is designed to support you in transforming fear, stress, anxiety and/or overwhelm as you pursue your goals for 2019 - which will also be the focus of our upcoming Medipreneur™ Event on
Sunday April 7th!



This Challenge Will Include:

  • Daily guided meditations with varying themes designed to help you transform overwhelm, stress, anxiety, fear, and more.

  • Daily writing prompts to encourage you to think more deeply about what you’ve discovered during your meditation practice.

  • Daily mantras to inspire you to take action on those key insights out in the world as you greet each day.

All delivered to your inbox!  For 10 Days and 10 Minutes, you can experience a new level of confidence, clarity and calm.

Come join our community of fellow game changers, creatives, entrepreneurs and movement makers who are passionate about making a difference as we restore, re-calibrate, refresh, and renew for the spring.